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Unite Students to build 600-bed student accommodation at Temple Quarter, Bristol

Unite Students, the UK's largest provider of student accommodation, is set to build a new 600-bed development at the heart of Bristol's biggest ever regeneration project.

The future of social impact in Higher Education

How can student accommodation give back to local communities? We look at the future of social impact in Higher Education and PBSA.

Sustainable construction: Our framework

We are pleased to have made significant progress on reducing embodied and operational carbon at Unite Students, following the launch of our 2030 Net Zero Carbon Pathway in 2021.

University Mental Health Charter: 6 questions you should ask your accommodation providers

Working towards the University Mental Health Charter? Here are (at least) six questions universities should ask their private purpose-built student accommodation partners.

The future of race and inclusion in student accommodation

Hot off the launch of the new Living Black at University Commission report, we’re continuing our focus on the future of sustainability within purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) with this month’s episode on race and inclusion in student accommodation.

Why there’s a new Living Black at University report

Jen Steadman, Commissioning Editor of the new 2022/23 Living Black at University Commission report, explains why there’s a new Living Black at University report, what it covers and what’s next for the Commission.

5 themes for PBSA from the Festival of Higher Education

Last week, Unite Students went to the Festival of Higher Education (7-8 November) to hear what’s on the HE sector’s mind right now. We picked up on five key themes from the conference – here’s what was shared, and what those themes might mean for purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). 

What sustainable construction looks like at Unite Students

Nicholas Pigula, Sustainable Construction Manager, shares how Unite Students builds sustainable student accommodation - and our next steps for becoming a net-zero carbon organisation.

In Conversation With: Claire Barber, Asset Management Director

Claire Barber, Asset Management Director, joined Unite Students in January 2023. Here, she discusses her experience, current role, this year’s key asset management work and major projects for 2024.

Interview: How our contact centre influences students’ experience

From living with us to listening to our current residents - Contact Centre Manager Alice Bone has seen it from both sides at Unite Students. In Alice’s own words, the contact centre is a place of innovation and rich data that "tells the story of the students that live with us." Read on to find out what role the contact centre plays in student wellbeing, how the data helps us create a better living experience for our residents, and what trends Alice has seen in her nine years in the contact centre.
Press releases

Unite Students provides new 24/7 wellbeing specialist support

Unite Students, the UK’s leading provider of student accommodation, is offering unique 24/7 wellbeing and mental health services to 70,000 students.

How can we help Black students to settle in at university?

A key finding from last year’s Living Black at University report was that a lack of culturally relevant services in many UK cities contributed towards many Black students feeling like they didn’t belong at university. As part of the Unite Students Commission on Living Black at University, we wanted to take action so that Black students could more easily acclimatise to university life. Here’s how we co-created a brand new resource to support Black students moving away from home for the first time.

The future of environmental sustainability in PBSA

Environmental sustainability is ever-more important within the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector - but how can we get to net-zero in operations and development, and what does the future hold? Our expert panel explores some of the challenges and solutions.
Corporate blogs

How research drove the design of our latest development in Nottingham

Our latest flagship development, Morriss House in Nottingham, has welcomed its first students after opening in September 2023. The property, adjacent to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee campus is the first of the Group’s properties to feature a new interactive welcome desk, extra study spaces, a shared social hub and outdoor theatre. Here, we chat to Dom Thomas, Operations Integration Manager, about how we used research and experience to design the properties features and amenities with students in mind.
Press releases

Unite Students completes £9.2m property refurbishment

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, has completed a £9.2million refurbishment at Oak Brook Park in Birmingham.

Interview: The importance of university partnerships at Unite Students

Partnered with more than 60 universities across England, Scotland and Wales, Unite Students is committed to strong, mutually beneficial university relationships.  We spoke to Simon Jones, University Partnerships Director at Unite Students, about what he’s learned from his time overseeing our national operations, the importance of understanding the student lifecycle, and the key to great university relationships.
Press releases

Unite Students announces chief executive succession

Unite Students, the UK's leading provider of student accommodation, today announces that Richard Smith has decided to step down as Chief Executive with effect from 31 December 2023.

A Day in the Life of… a Student Experience Team Leader at Unite Students

Our Day in the Life interview series is back, shining a spotlight on our frontline employees and the fantastic work they do to help students thrive in our buildings. This time, we spoke to Henriett ‘Hena’ Olah-Nagy, Student Experience Team Leader at Cambrian Point, Cardiff to find out what a typical day looks like in her role, some of the events she’s supported students with, and how her own experiences of moving to the UK have helped her to support international students as they settle into life in the UK.

Embedding diversity and inclusion at Unite Students

In June 2022, Unite Students launched a three-year Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) and Wellbeing strategy. More than a year on, we outline the progress we’ve made against the strategy, and some of the ways in which we’ve embedded diversity, inclusion and belonging into Unite Students for the benefit of both students and employees.
Press releases

Unite Students completes new £57m property to house 705 students in Nottingham

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, has completed work on its new £57million property in Nottingham.
Press releases

Unite Students to buy 800-bed Glasgow scheme

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, is progressing with the purchase of a new 800-bed Glasgow project.

In Conversation With: James Tiernan, Head of Sustainability

Our goal is to lead on sustainability and raise standards in the living sector. We sat down with our Head of Sustainability James Tiernan, who leads our Sustainability Strategy, to discuss what’s changed since he joined us in 2012, what our focus is for the next year and how we’re creating places that deliver a positive impact for our people, our communities and the planet.

Interview: How we create social impact at Unite Students

Purpose-built student accommodation isn’t just a building – it’s about being a positive and engaged part of a local community. We spoke to Ivy Yarrow, Social Impact Manager at Unite Students, for a deeper dive into what social impact looks like at Unite Students and the benefits it provides for our employees, students, university partners, charities and local communities.

Delivering a better student experience though ‘CARE’

Arriving in student accommodation for the first time can be exciting – but also daunting. Jo Blair, Head of Quality and Standards at Unite Students, shares how a revamp of our customer service ‘CARE’ principles will help students to feel more welcome within our buildings during the 2023/24 academic year.

Enhancing the student experience in accommodation for 23/24

With a new academic year rapidly approaching, we wanted to know what new and exciting initiatives are being rolled out to enhance the student experience in purpose-built student accommodation around the UK – so we asked our Accommodation Matters listeners to submit their own contributions about what they’re doing differently for the 2023/24 academic year.
Press releases

Unite Students starts work to enhance Rushford Court, Durham

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, has begun work to improve and extend its Rushford Court property in Durham, in partnership with Durham University.

How can we help university applicants to live independently?

Lottie Randomly, Leapskills Consultant at Unite Students, shares additional research we’ve undertaken with school teachers to understand the needs of the current cohort, and how the findings from both this and the Index highlight the need to prepare young people for independent living at university.

In conversation with: Student Abbie Phillips on autism and ADHD at work

In conversation with Abbie Phillips, a Student Experience Team Member working for Unite Students in Sheffield.

Support to Stay: Improving our student support framework

Over the last year, Unite Students has trialled Support to Stay – an innovative student support framework designed to align with university processes. Here, we delve into what Support to Stay is, what came out of the trial phase, and what it means for the full Support to Stay roll-out in the 2023/24 academic year.

Unite Students commences work on its greenest ever new-build property

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, has started building one of its greenest ever purpose-built student accommodation properties.

How important is sustainability to students and university applicants?

Our latest research findings suggested that this year’s university applicants are less likely to make sacrifices to live sustainably than last year’s cohort. We explore some of the reasons why sustainability may be a challenge area for students and applicants - and whether student behaviour really does matter in creating more sustainable student accommodation.
Press releases



What do we know about the class of 2023?

The class of 2023 will soon be arriving at universities up and down the UK - and our recent Applicant Index report highlights some of their needs and concerns. Now, an expert panel discusses the research findings and explores how we can support this year's new students to flourish at university.

7 things we know about this year’s university applicants

Delving into university applicants’ attitudes, needs and confidence in comparison to last year’s cohort, Unite Students’ 2023 Applicant Index is now available to download. From sustainability and finances to wellbeing and independence, here are some of the key takeaways from this year’s report.
Press releases

One in three university applicants miss lessons due to mental health but show more resilience

Almost one in three applicants (30%) will start university this September with a history of missing education due to their mental health, according to the Unite Students 2023 Applicant Index.

Applicant Index foreword: “This cohort of students will shape our world”

In his foreword for Unite Students’ 2023 Applicant Index report, Richard Smith - Chief Executive at Unite Students - shares his thoughts on our findings about this year’s cohort of university applicants, and what they mean for the Higher Education sector.
Press releases

Unite Students reveals £24million upgrade to three properties

Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, today reveals a £24million refurbishment scheme across three of its UK properties – Station Court in London, Oak Brook Park in Birmingham, and Bridge House in Edinburgh.

Supporting students through the cost of living crisis

Last year’s cost of living episode of Accommodation Matters proved to be the most popular yet – but more than a year on, how has the cost of living crisis moved on, and what does the cost of living picture look like for students in 2023?

Interview: Exploring the student experience through research

Since she joined Unite Students in 2012, Jenny Shaw (HE External Engagement Director) has been a driving force behind our research programme, the introduction of our student support provision, and initial launch of the Unite Foundation, among other things. We caught up with Jenny about her passion for inclusion, her role in making student support a focus within purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), and the next big research topic for Higher Education.

In conversation with: Nicholas Pigula, Sustainable Construction Manager

As part of our Sustainability Strategy launched in 2021, Unite Students committed to net zero development by 2030. We believe this ambition will help us play our part in tackling climate change for future generations to come. Here, we speak with Nicholas Pigula, Sustainable Construction Manager at Unite Students, to hear how the business is meeting its goal.

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