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The Unite Foundation

Supporting estranged and care experienced students with a safe and secure home at university.

We’re doing what’s right as the principal donor and accommodation partner for the Unite Foundation; an independent charity that runs a nationwide scholarship scheme, supporting estranged and care experienced students with the provision of a rent-free home at university.

Since its inception in 2012, we’ve donated over £15 million to the charity to help provide a safe and secure home at university for scholarship students, 365 days a year for up to 3 years.

This includes the holidays, so students don’t have to wonder where to go during Christmas or summer. They can even stay the summer after they graduate to plan their next move. Students on the scholarship have shared that having a secure home at university means that they can focus on their university experience and that having their own space within our properties gave them ‘a base at university to come home, study and feel safe’. This was backed up by independent research, published in 2022, that shows ‘strong evidence that the Unite Foundation scholarship improves care leaver students’ educational outcomes, specifically in year-to-year progression, completion and degree outcome’.

The charity currently works with over 29 universities across England and Scotland and we’re raising the bar together to ensure estranged and care experienced students are supported to succeed in higher education.

By supporting the charity, we’re making sure we’re making room for everyone. The scholarship population is over representative where the mainstream student population is under representative, including disability, mental health, class, race, ethnicity, faith, gender and sexuality. This is why, in addition to the scholarship, the Unite Foundation has created a community for all estranged and care experienced students to feel like they belong at university.

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