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Positive impact

In partnership with the NUS, our Positive Impact Engagement Programme will play a key part in delivering on our targets.

A commitment to doing what’s right is part of who we are

We’ve worked hard to reduce our environmental impact, support the wellbeing of our student customers, and promote access to higher education through the Unite Foundation. Our Sustainability Strategy builds on this by incorporating challenging and ambitious targets.

This is our 8th year running Positive Impact alongside the NUS, our bespoke version of the United Nations award-winning programme ‘Green Impact’ to support sustainable behaviour change.

Unite Students is the only purpose-built student accommodation provider to sign up to the programme and we have established this to maximise engagement across all areas of our sustainability remit, building on the original environment focus of the scheme.

The only purpose-built student accommodation provider to sign up to the programme

The programme is presented as a workbook in which our teams complete actions to achieve different levels of awards. At Unite Students every property operates to a minimum of Bronze level which includes actions covering a range of themes:

  • Environment
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Community & social impact
  • Health & safety

Silver and Gold awards focus on community projects that run across our cities creating a positive impact in the locality for our employees, students and communities. Engaging with students and local partners is key to cementing positive change. Examples include canal and river restorations and clean ups as well as sponsorship and support of Pride festivals. These projects are designed to have a long-term positive impact on the locality including local residents, business owners as well as our employees and customers.

Throughout the academic year 2019/20, we saw the highest levels of engagement by students and employees with our Positive Impact programme, and we will continue to develop, grow and evolve the programme to encourage sustainable and responsible behaviours for our students, employees and communities.