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13 March 2020

Statement regarding Coronavirus

The continued spread of the Coronavirus is a source of distress and uncertainty for us all. At Unite, our sole focus is to ensure that everyone is fully supported during this difficult time. We also want to play our part and do what’s right to prevent the spread of the virus.

This means our students and our people having access to the most up to date expert advice about what to do and look out for in order to protect themselves and others from infection. To help with this, we’re proactively directing everyone to a range of regularly updated information from the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, the National Health Service and key government departments (see links below).

We’re also asking everyone to check daily either our website or the Common Room section of our student app for further updates and further information.

Should at any point a case of infection be confirmed, we’ll act quickly and decisively. In helping the individual concerned, flatmates and colleagues, other students and family members, we’ll follow the advice of the expert authorities.

We want to ensure not only that everyone has the practical advice and assistance they need to do what’s right but also that they feel fully supported by the people around them. So, while they cannot give individual medical advice, our people – including our dedicated on-site Welfare Leads – will be on hand in our buildings, via our app and in our dedicated 24/7 customer call centre and will do whatever they can to help our students. We are equally supporting our people to ensure they can protect themselves and their colleagues.

We are also working closely with our university partners across the UK to ensure our response to the crisis is fully aligned and coordinated and that their students receive the very best help.

We firmly believe that with everyone working together and supporting each other we can, individually and collectively, help each other through this difficult and challenging time.

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