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Watch our video update on living with us this year

7 August 2020

As we approach the start of a new academic year, there are understandably some concerns that students and parents may be faced with when deciding where to live, and how to stay safe. Below, our Chief Customer Officer, John Blanshard addresses these concerns, giving an overview of the extra measures we have put in place to support students as they make the exciting leap to university.



Unite Students is committed to keeping students safe and secure. We are the only student accommodation provider to hold a 5-star safety rating from the British Safety Council (BSC), and we are one of the first companies in the UK that they have accredited as Covid-safe.

This forms one part of our three brand promises, to:

  • Get you settled in
  • Keep you safe and secure
  • Be there when you need us

These are the ways we provide students with a Home for Success.

Based on nearly 30 years’ experience, and our regular student insight surveys, we know what students want from their accommodation. Our most recent research, carried out remotely during this global pandemic, reveals that 89% of students are keen to get back on campus as soon as is safe to do so, with 79% of students saying that living away from home and being on campus is an important part of their university experience.

At the same time, 91% are worried about Covid-19 disrupting their studies. In response to the challenges of Covid-19 we have adapted our services and will continue to listen and respond to students’ needs, in line with official government guidance.

To find out more about the measures we have put in place, please read our Safe and Secure Accommodation Factsheet.