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Report reveals how 9,000 students and university applicants feel about non-academic aspects of life – 31 August 2016

11 November 2016

Unite Students launches its fifth Insight Report on 31 August 2016 at the University of Westminster in London.

The report is based on an independent survey of 6,504 current students and 2,169 applicants by YouGov and Youthsight. 

It investigates non-academic elements of student life. 

Key findings this year include how integral accommodation is to students and to their university experience; students who are satisfied with their accommodation are more likely to be satisfied with other student services and with their life in general.

The report also focuses on the number of applicants and students (12%) who self-report having mental health conditions. More than half of all students reported experiencing stress and strain in the four weeks leading up the survey.

Survey responses were examined for factors which contribute to making some students more resilient to challenges than others. Skills, such as planning, persistence and goal setting, make a significant difference to students and may underpin their wider learning and development. 

For the first time, the report includes a Student Experience Index, believed to be the first of its kind. This analyses the data gathered from the students and seeks to set a baseline for the university experience in five key non-academic areas. The index can be used to identify thriving and vulnerable groups of students. 

Unite is committed to creating this report and index every year in order to help it and the wider HE sector benchmark student experience in a new way and therefore better support students.