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Renewable Energy Focus

6 April 2021

Renewable Energy Focus

As a responsible business, we’ve always placed a strong emphasis on saving energy and improving our energy efficiency. After all, energy consumption constitutes not only one of our largest operating costs, but also one of our most significant sources of carbon emissions.

The next step, if you follow the energy hierarchy, is to look at sustainable energy production – both through purchasing credible, traceable renewable electricity from the National Grid, as well as through generating as much of our own energy from renewable sources.

As of 2017 we embarked on a solar PV retrofit project, installing panels of more than 410kW across four sites. This array will generate enough green energy to power around 85 average UK homes.

Going forwards, we are looking at further opportunities to install more PV across our portfolio. We’ve been purchasing 100% renewable energy since 2017, backed by the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificate (REGO). We are also working to complete a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that will see around 30% of our electricity sourced from a single wind farm in Scotland, creating an even stronger link back to the source of our power.