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Our approach and progress

11 July 2019

Up to uS

‘Up to uS’ is how we do business responsibly. This is reflected in every aspect of our organisation, and is at the forefront of how each of our people deliver their job role responsibilities. It ensures that this is done in a way that puts our stakeholders interests at the pinnacle of how this is delivered, whether you are an investor, student, university partner or living in a community in which we operate.  



Up to uS strategy












At the core of our business is our purpose, Home for Success, which ensures we provide a home that works for our students, sets them up for success, and where help is always at hand whenever it is needed. Supporting this are our three priorities of providing ‘quality properties’, ‘quality people’ working for us, delivering a ‘quality service’. Wrapped around this are the four overarching objectives we pursue to ensure we do business responsibly. They are:

  • Looking after the interests of our customers, partners and investors
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Delivering positive social impacts for young people and the communities we work in
  • Creating a diverse and engaged team






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