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How have we kept our people safe during COVID-19

6 April 2021

How have we kept our people safe during COVID-19


Office teams


For our office-based teams we have helped to ensure that those persons working from home have the correct equipment, support and guidance needed to keep them healthy and productive in their domestic set up.


We provided regular communications and information to line manager’s on subjects like how to help keep teams engaged and reduce feelings of isolation.


City teams


For our city teams we worked to assess the risks associated with COVID-19, implement the appropriate controls and provide guidance so that any essential work was undertaken as safely as possible.

Once established, we invited our external audit company the British Safety Council to review our framework and controls so that they could assure their effectiveness.

To maintain this standard and to monitor our adherence we then incorporated a review of our COVID-19 control measures into our existing audit and inspection regime utilising partners such as NSF International.


On a practical front we installed physical controls such as Perspex screens in receptions areas, hand sanitising stations and relevant delineation markers and signage.

We invested in providing our city teams with fogging machines to effectively disinfect rooms whilst reducing manual labour.

Temperature radar guns and associated processes were provided to help reduce infection spread amongst staff.


All our people


We formed a COVID-19 Working group who have worked to continually review the latest government advice ensuring that our practices are aligned with the latest guidance.

We have held weekly Q&A sessions and frequently published communications to help keep our teams informed and reassured.

In the interim of these weekly meetings, a dedicated COVID inbox was set up to promptly answer and clarify any concerns people have had.


To support our team’s wellbeing, we have engaged with the Healthy Work Company and have been rolling out both Line Manager and employee wellbeing training to help better assist our people during this period of unprecedented challenge. We are continuing to work and develop our policies to better assist our staff with balancing home and work responsibilities.