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Environmental strategy

7 November 2016

At Unite Students we believe its Up to uS to reduce our environmental impact, and encourage responsible behaviour in our students and employees. We focus on the areas where we have the biggest impact:

  • Energy and carbon – reducing energy use and carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Water – reducing water use and wastage
  • Resource use and waste – sustainable use of materials and resources, reducing waste and improving recycling of waste

Environmental management

To make sure we properly manage and reduce our environmental impacts, we have processes and systems based around the requirements of the widely used ISO14001 environmental management system (EMS). This helps us ensure we identify, monitor, manage, reduce, and report on activity that could potentially damage the environment.

Environmental policy

Our energy and environment team lead and coordinate activity to reduce our environmental impacts, but everyone in Unite Students has part to play. Our environmental policy and other associated policies set out our commitments and outline responsibilities.

Sustainable Behaviour & Sustainable Buildings

To do this we encourage and enable sustainable behaviour among our students, employees and suppliers, and work hard to create sustainable buildings through physical improvements to fabric and services.

Details of our commitment to this and other areas of our Up to uS responsibility and sustainability strategy are set out in formal policy statements here.

Further detail of managing environmental aspects of our Up to uS responsibility and sustainability strategy can be found in our GRI G4 report content.