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Accommodation Matters S02E02: The Future of Higher Education

4 May 2021

After a year in which so much has changed, it’s more important than ever to consider how the world will continue to change and prepare for what that future will bring for the Higher Education sector. Our latest episode of our Accommodation Matters podcast considers some of the key challenges and opportunities on the horizon for universities and accommodation providers alike, and crucially, the impacts these might have on the university experience.

Some of these changes, like a move to hybrid learning, are already in motion as a result of Covid – but will new opportunities for digital learning fundamentally alter the traditional, campus-based experience? How will the changing needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution require universities to adapt and change to service new jobs and skills – indeed, are universities best placed to meet these needs in the first place? And how will expectations around the university and accommodation experience need to shift to accommodate lifelong learning?

Considering these questions and more, our expert panel is made up of:

• Professor Sue Rigby, Vice Chancellor at Bath Spa University

• Ian Dunn, Provost at Coventry University

• Paul Sweeney, Chief Strategy Officer at Unite Students

They’re also joined by host Darren Ellis, Higher Education Engagement Director at Unite Students, and Alister Wilson, of Waverley Consultants, who provides provocations on some of the key considerations for what the Higher Education sector might look like; you can find his recent blog post on the subject here.

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